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Cease & Resist, or Infinite Edge: The Saga of a Frivolous Attack Against Candy Land's Sense of Reason


Help Maxwell navigate a world of candy & red tape while protecting the Red Banner of Reason!  Flying lawyer shark-bots are hot on his tail and only through a prolonged sugar rush can he possibly outrun them.  Snatch up those pixie sticks to keep Maxwell moving as fast as he can!


In classic Infinite Runner style, it's all about how long you can last to rack up a score.  However, you are being chased by flying lawyer shark-bots and bleeding off speed with every second.  Snagging pixie sticks will boost your score, restore some speed, and prevent you from slowing down temporarily.    

The stationary lawyer shark-bots won't end your game but they will block you, giving your pursuers a chance to catch up.  Don't let the flying lawyer shark-bots touch you at any cost!


Then there's a DropBox containing a version for you!

RAR: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/88186550/Cease...

TAR: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/88186550/Cease...


Developed in Unity3D and best played in a 16:9 aspect ratio.  Most of the time was spent on hashing out systems or the primary art/animation (e.g. Maxwell).  I'm not really an artist so that proved to be a time consuming -- but very enjoyable -- task.  Some time was dedicated to GUI while virtually none was available for audio so I couldn't pull together any music in time.  Life keeps me busy.  Regardless, I felt it was important to support the Candy Jam's message however I could.  

I hope you enjoy this little romp through red tape and sharks.

- James A. Henley

Install instructions

1. Extract files from RAR archive into a new directory (try calling it "Cease and Resist" because, you know, it would be appropriate)

2. Run "CeaseAndResist.exe"

3. Don't get eaten by flying lawyer shark-bots.  I kid.  They'll definitely get you.  It's inevitable.  Don't fight it.


Cease and Resist [Candyjam 2014].rar 8 MB
CeaseAndResistLinux.rar 10 MB